Car Accident Settlements: 4 Small Things You May Seek Compensation For

Posted on: 31 March 2016


If you've been involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you may seek compensation for physical and emotional injuries. While these are important for your case, there are many other elements to consider. When working with an auto accident attorney, several additional factors could help calculate a settlement payout that you deserve. By browsing through the following four items, you can determine if they are worth adding onto your settlement and receiving reimbursement for.

Upgraded Car Technology

When your car is involved in a crash, you may lose some of the items that you have had installed. By using receipts and other proofs of purchase, you can showcase a number of upgraded technology features in the car. For example, you may have had a new sound system installed with speakers, an MP3 player, and a digital interface. During a settlement case, you can work with your lawyer to get reimbursed for these items at the value that you paid for them. Additional types of technology you may have installed includes LED video screen, automatic car starters, and extra lighting. A lawyer can help break down the costs, along with any labor costs you will need to pay to have them installed.

Personal Belongings

A car fire or total accident wreckage can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. If this is the case, then you may lose some personal belongings that were in the car. For example, if you were going to or from work, you may have had a briefcase or work bag with items like a laptop on the inside. Your trunk may also be filled with a number of items. You can seek compensation for things like sports equipment or beach gear. Items like tennis rackets or baseball bats could be worth hundreds of dollars. Sports brands that include high-end golf clubs and skis can have values over thousands of dollars. An attorney can help you seek compensation so you can replace these items and ensure you have enough money to cover the costs.

Car Subscription Services

As a car owner, you may have been enrolled in a number of membership or car services that you prepaid for. When your car is destroyed, you cannot use these services and may lose money on them. For example, if you traveled to a city every day, you may have prepaid for parking in a secure parking garage. These payments could come weekly, monthly, or yearly. The amount of time your paid spot was kept for could dramatically change the amount that you should be compensated for. Additional services includes cleaning services. You may have prepaid for vacuuming or car washes. You may also have paid for roadside assistance services that you were unable to cancel or get a refund for. If this is the case, then you can seek compensation and receive reimbursement for the services you already paid for.

Exterior Car Features

One of the most damaged areas of a vehicle in an accident is usually the exterior. Aside from the car itself, there may be many exterior features that were damaged. For example, if you own a business, you may have had a car wrap on the vehicle. This wrap could have been warped or broken during the crash. Getting reimbursed for this wrap can help you replace it on a new vehicle. Special antennas for CB radios or satellite radios may have been destroyed. A lawyer can help price them and make it a part of your settlement.

Another part of the car exterior to consider is the license plate. A number of states have specialty plates that cost extra money to register and purchase. For example, in California, there are multiple designs and text options for a plate. Each plate ranges from $38 to $100 and if they are damaged, then a settlement case can help you replace them for a new vehicle.

When contacting an attorney, you should have a full list prepared of all the items that were damaged or lost during an accident. Even if you think the item is small, it could help increase your settlement and the compensation you receive.