Wow This Hurts, But Where's The Money?

Posted on: 5 October 2017


Personal injury claims and disability compensation have a few social woes to go with the physical problems. Money is vital to not only getting anywhere in the United States but making your recovery more likely--or at least more comfortable. Due to social stigma and unfortunate politics, some people are afraid to confront their full social needs or may not apply for benefits at all. If you don't know what to do next after suffering a serious, expensive injury, here are a few important steps to take while keeping your money and self-respect at the top of the conversation:

It Can Be About The Money And Other Things

In an injury situation, recovery is the number one concern. If you can't enjoy your health, enjoying other things becomes more difficult. While financial security and holding others accountable are probably number two and number three, they still have a big effect on number one. 

Think about the costs that could come from an injury. Medical visits, medication, gas money or transportation fare to make it to those visits, and insurance coverage that protects you from the worst parts of medical costs are huge. If you don't have insurance, that cost issue becomes a bigger point.

There's also the loss of income. This isn't just about being out of work for a few days or even losing your job because of an injury; even if you keep working, you may not be working at your full potential.

Many people work harder to compensate, but they're still compensating instead of producing a natural, great level of work. There's a lot to say about motivation and overcoming adversity, but if you could take those same lessons and recover, you would be a productivity powerhouse. That extra effort isn't necessarily becoming extra pay on a consistent basis among injured workers.

You need to be compensated for your loss, and there's no reason to just suck it up or downplay how important the money is. With a lawyer on your side, you don't even have to make those justifications in court.

Let A Lawyer Handle Your Argument

Your compensation is not an argument of morals, gumption, perseverance, or "the system" in any way. It is a discussion--sometimes an argument--over whether you're legally entitled to compensation, and comparison of what is actually needed.

It's hard to determine medical costs for an injury because of the possibility of complications. What may seem like a lot of money to you could be a mere drop in the bucket for your future medical costs, or barely enough to survive, find a new job, or support your household on disability-limited funds.

A team of personal injury attorneys can calculate those needs for you. Medical, professional, and personal costs require a mix of legal experience and fresh thinking as new, modern economical challenges seek to tear your dollars in every direction.

Contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your claim in an injury case, or for help in Social Security, Veterans Affairs (VA), or other disability claim system cases.