3 Most Important Actions To Take After A Slip And Fall

Posted on: 17 September 2018


Slipping and falling can be seriously painful. For adults and children alike, an unexpected fall can lead to injuries. It is important to be aware of what you should do if you ever slip and fall outside of your home. Slip and fall accidents that happen on businesses and public properties give you the right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the place where you were injured.

#1 Get Medical Help

The first thing that you need to do is get medical help. If you slip and fall, and are injured, you don't want to just get up and proceed like nothing happened. When you slip and fall, you could injury your hips, back, or even your arms and hands. Many injuries, such as a slipped disc or a fractured bone in your hand, may not be obvious right away. However, moving around could be harmful to your injuries, even if you don't know that they are there.

It may feel like a bit much, but you should stay on the ground and get someone's attention to call for an ambulance to come, check you out, and get you the medical care that you need. If you have your cell phone on you, you can call for medical assistance on your own.

If you are able to get up, you should still go to the ER, urgent care, or doctor in the same day to get your injuries reviewed. Immediate medical care is necessary to help prove and establish your case.

#2 Notify the Business

If possible, notify the business of your injury. For example, if you fall at the entrance of the store, ask another customer to get someone from the store to help you. If you are able to get up, make sure that you talk to a manager and let them know what happened. If you call for an ambulance, the business is sure to know that you were hurt on premise.

Contacts the business allows the business to know what happened. It gives the business a chance to respond and to offer to take care of your medical bills without pursuing legal action. Regardless, by contacting someone at the store, you make it impossible for the store to deny what happened.

#3 Documents The Environment

Finally, as best you can, you need to document the environment. If possible, take pictures of what you slip and fell on. Take pictures of the entire area where you sustained your injury. This will help establish what the circumstances were like where and when you were injured. If you can't take pictures yourself, send a friend or family member to document the environment. 

Getting medical help, notifying the business, and documenting the environment will help strengthen your case with the insurance company and your personal injury lawsuit. Contact an experienced injury lawyer for more help.