How To Deal With Common Motorcycle Personal Injury Claim Problems

Posted on: 6 December 2019


Motorcycle accident victims should not have to deal with claim issues while trying to recover from their injuries, but they often do have to do just that. When problems crop up, it's important to understand how to handle them so that you can focus on recuperating and getting paid the money you deserve. Read on for a list of common problems with claims and how to resolve them.

Disputed Fault Issues

There is almost no question more important after a motorcycle accident than who caused the wreck. In some cases, fault is clear – but that is not always the case. You might be told that you contributed to the wreck or even that you caused the wreck. When you encounter an aggressive accident adjuster who wants to pin the blame on you, you need to take your own aggressive action and fight back. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about gathering and presenting evidence that the vehicle driver is 100% to blame for the accident.

Not Enough Medical Attention

Another common issue is motorcycle accident victims who minimize their injuries and fail to seek treatment. You may find that the longer you wait to seek care, the harder it will be to claim your medical expenses. That is because the other side can allege that your failure to seek medical care made your health status worse. It also can mean that you will have a struggle getting paid for your injuries and your pain and suffering. Even if it's been some time since the wreck, don't hesitate to seek care for your accident injuries.

You Were Already Hurt

Alongside allegations of a failure to seek medical care is the potential to allege that you are really afflicted by previous conditions and that they have nothing to do with the recent motorcycle wreck. This issue can be used to intimidate victims into dropping claims and cases. No matter what type of accident injuries or medical conditions you have in your past, you should be paid for the damage caused by the accident in question. Having proof of medical treatment and physician statements can usually quell those allegations.

Bad Customer Service

Almost everyone has dealt with businesses that fail to provide good customer care, but insurers can do so intentionally. Insurers can delay claims, fail to pay your medical bills, give you the run-around on the phone, lie to you, and make promises they fail to keep. When you encounter such behavior, know that they are reacting out of a certainty that your claim is not just valid but very valuable. Speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer about your motorcycle accident if you encounter any of the above issues. They will work to get those problems resolved and get you the money you need and deserve.