Bite Your Tongue: What To Know About Speaking With The Insurance Adjuster

Posted on: 16 August 2021


After an accident, you might be contacted by the other driver's insurer. If they were at fault for the accident, the insurance adjuster will probably contact you about the accident and your injuries. Read below to find out why you might want to think twice before speaking to this person.

The Timing Could Not Be Worse

Accident victims need time to recover from an accident before they make big decisions. Unfortunately, the timing of this call is no accident. While information about the accident is of better quality when recollections are fresh, the accident adjuster is also hoping to catch a victim before they have had a chance to speak to a personal injury lawyer and be advised not to.

Don't Fall For the Spiel

Accident adjusters use a number of methods to convince victims to agree to a recorded phone call. They almost always come off as polite, sympathetic, and personable and that catches victims off-guard. Many accident victims want to vent about the accident because that can help reduce the trauma they are experiencing—and adjusters know that. Also, some victims are justifiably worried about missing work and the bills piling up. When the adjuster mentions cutting them a big check, there is a temptation to be cooperative.

Tell Me What Happened

This is usually how these interviews begin. The adjuster willingly lets victims ramble on because they expect them to say something that will later cause them problems. For example, they may express confusion as to how the accident occurred or they might not be sure about how fast they were traveling when the collision happened. Also, everything the victim says is later compared to other sources like the accident report and witness statements. Any inconsistencies could signal a victim who is not sure exactly what happened and may actually be at fault for the accident.

Get Help With Your Case

Fault is a huge factor in personal injury cases. If you are accused of being even partially at fault you could end up being paid nothing in damages. That is why you should avoid speaking to the adjuster, the other driver, and on social media about the accident. The only person you need to speak to is a personal injury lawyer. They can take over dealing with insurance issues for you. They can also ensure you are paid the damages you need and deserve. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and no one else about your case.

For more information, reach out to a personal injury lawyer.