Has Your Rental Vehicle Collided With Another Vehicle? Essential Information You Need To Know

Posted on: 11 July 2022


If you're planning to go on vacation or traveling to a different state, you can opt to rent a vehicle that matches your traveling needs. But like any other vehicle, your rented car can collide with another one on the road. The accident can result from a mechanical problem in the car or the other driver's carelessness. Of course, handling such a situation is more complicated for a rented car than a personal car. Because of that, you should be armed with the right information beforehand. The first crucial step, in this case, is to notify your car accident attorney. Learn more about handling this situation below.

What You Should Know About Insurance Coverage

Your insurance provider can cover damages incurred by a rental vehicle crash. However, that is based on your policy. Therefore, you need to contact your insurer immediately after the accident and ask if your policy can sufficiently cover the damages. It is important to note that your insurance coverage will be based on the value of the rented car. Typically, if the vehicle is more expensive than yours, you might have to pay some repair costs from your pocket. Luckily, you can buy additional insurance to cover the gap.

What You Should Do After the Crash

Start by pulling your vehicle off the road and assess yourself and your passengers to know whether medical care is necessary. Next, contact medical caregivers and direct them to the scene if anyone requires treatment. Then, contact the police so that they can investigate the scene and write a report. A police report is essential in substantiating your injury claim. 

It is also crucial to contact your auto accident attorney in this instance. They will help you gather evidence once they arrive. That includes the other driver's contact information, insurance policy numbers, and license number. In addition, pictures of all the vehicles involved in the collision are essential pieces of evidence. After that, your attorney will obtain the contact information of witnesses and interrogate them if possible.

While at the scene, don't acknowledge that you are at fault or apologize to the other accident victims. Furthermore, it is not advisable to accept a settlement from the other driver if they are responsible for the collision. Also, do not forget to contact the car rental company to inform them about the incident. They will offer you the necessary help, especially regarding the vehicle's information. 

Vehicle accident claims involving a rental car can be complicated and challenging to navigate. Therefore, it is best to hire a car accident lawyer to handle the legal matters as you concentrate on recovery.