Construction Injuries Attorney: 3 Types Of Accidents That Often Happen At The Construction Site

Posted on: 13 September 2022


Construction sites are among the most dangerous work sectors because of their high accident rates. Most construction workers know the risks related to their industry or trade. However, many workers depend on the contractors' safety measures throughout the construction project. Unfortunately, some contractors don't comply with the established regulations and laws, exposing the workers to a wide range of injuries at the construction site. If you happen to be injured while working at the site, you should immediately contact a construction injuries attorney for help. See the three types of accidents that often occur at the construction site and lead to serious injuries. 


Falls are usually some of the most negligent accidents you could experience at the site. They are a major cause of the fatalities experienced in the construction industry. Falls mostly happen when the contractor fails to implement the safety measures the law and relevant authorities expect them to implement. Before the construction work begins, the contractor should affirm there is adequate fall protection. 

For instance, the contractor or employer should provide floor hole guards, guardrails, and machine guards to keep the workers safe. They should also provide safety cables, harnesses, and toe boards to prevent serious accidents. Moreover, they should inspect scaffolding to ensure its defect-free. If you suffer or sustain injuries because the contractor was negligent, hire a construction injuries attorney to help you file a claim.

Damage From Objects

You could also sustain injuries when an object hits or falls on you at the construction site. Such incidents happen mainly when the contractor doesn't block off areas that could be potentially hazardous. Falling objects could seriously injure you if safety measures are ignored when handling heavy objects or working at great heights. Typically, tools like hammers, grinders, welding machines, hoes, jack planes, concrete pans, and spades should not only be in good condition and clean; they should also be well secured. If any of them fall on you, you could sustain serious injuries. Unfortunately, you might not be compensated if a construction injuries attorney doesn't intervene.

Electrocutions and Shocks

You should do whatever you can to avoid electric shocks at the construction site because they can lead to serious injuries. These accidents usually happen when the contractor or employer doesn't do anything about probable hazardous electrical sources. Usually, the contractor should provide adequate protection against electric shocks. They should also do everything possible to protect workers from electrical fires and electrocution. If proper safety measures aren't implemented, workers can suffer serious wounds, fractures, and burns. So if you sustain any of these because the contractor didn't comply with electricity regulations, contact a construction injuries attorney as soon as possible.

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