Issues That Might Make You Fail To Get Your Rightful Payment After A Motorcycle Crash

Posted on: 27 December 2022


Most motorcyclists understand that their bikes are more dangerous than vehicles. This is why they take the necessary measures to protect themselves when riding. Unfortunately, some motorists do not take this care. As a result, motorcyclists collide even when they are cautious on the road. So, if you get into a collision caused by a motorist's actions, you may be able to collect damages. However, the wrongdoer might raise different arguments to prevent you from getting your rightful payment. So, hire a legal advisor to fight for you to ensure you get your rightful payment when the following arguments arise.

You Were Partly to Blame for the Crash

Some states prevent complainants who are partly at fault for their injuries from recovering full payments for their damages. So, if the wrongdoer accuses you of being partly at fault for the crash, the settlement you get might only cover some of your crash-related expenses. However, if you never did anything wrong, a motorcycle crash attorney can ensure you get all the payments you deserve.

They will do this by getting information proving that the motorist who hit you was responsible for the crash. For instance, your attorney will use witness statements to show that the wrongdoer's negligence led to the collision. In such a case, witness testimony will explain that the driver was texting while driving or failed to observe a stop sign. Further, the driver may have turned left or changed lanes without checking whether there was an oncoming motorbike. Ultimately, such information will prove that the defendant was in the wrong and that you never played a part in the collision. As a result, you will get your rightful compensation.

You Were Not Wearing a Helmet

If you were not wearing a helmet when a motorist knocked you down, they might claim that you are responsible for your injuries. This can make you get a lower payment that might not be enough to cover your medical bills and other losses. However, you can still recover all the payments you deserve, even if you were not wearing a helmet. This is especially true if you hire a legal advisor to represent you in your claim. Note that they can raise different arguments to prove that a helmet could not have prevented the injuries you suffered. For instance, if you never suffered a head or face injury, your attorney will argue that the wrongdoer should take full responsibility for your losses.

If the wrongdoer uses the defenses above to deny wrongdoing, hire a motorcycle accident personal injury attorney to fight for you. They will get evidence to distance you from the crash and represent you in your case to prove that you deserve compensation.

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