What To Know About Using A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Posted on: 10 February 2023


Things don't always go as they should after a work injury. Some workers suffer additionally because of having to cope with the workers' compensation insurance company. At times, you may wonder if you will ever get your work injury covered. There is a good chance that you need the help of a work injury lawyer. For some information about working with such a lawyer, read on.

You Might Need a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workers' compensation insurance can be a hit-or-miss thing. Although this type of insurer is supposed to cover hurt workers, some get turned down for benefits. The reasons for being denied benefits are many but challenging the denials is important. Other common problems with workers' comp coverage include:

  • Being approved for benefits but payments are sent late.
  • Being told to go to a certain doctor that is not in your area.
  • Being ordered by the doctor to go back to work when your injury is not healed.
  • Having benefits cut off for no reason.
  • Being billed for medical treatment that should have been covered by the insurer.
  • Being declared to be permanently disabled and then being offered a low settlement payment.

Don't Get Discouraged

This is not about you or your injury. It's about insurers that don't want to pay benefits even when the worker deserves them. You have rights when it comes to workers' comp issues. Don't be one of those workers that think they have no options and go back to their job before they should. Speak to a work injury lawyer instead.

How to Pay for Your Lawyer

Hurt workers are often in no condition to be spending a lot of money on legal help. However, work injury lawyers offer hurt workers a solution that will get them to help with no upfront money required. They offer contingency fee arrangements that allow hurt workers to put off paying any legal fees until their case is over. Then, the fees are paid from the winning settlement and back pay. Here is what else to know about contingency fee arrangements:

  • Discuss your case with a work injury lawyer, and they will either agree to represent you or refer you to a colleague.
  • The lawyer will only offer to represent hurt workers that have a good case. That means you are owed money because you have been treated unjustly.
  • The agreement includes the fee being charged. It's a percentage of your winning settlement. The percentage may be negotiable.
  • The lawyer will work on your behalf to get your benefits started or reinstated. They will also help you prepare for mediation and hearings that are required if it comes to that.

Learn more about why you need a work injury lawyer by speaking to one today.