Factors To Consider When Choosing An Auto Accident Lawyer

Posted on: 28 August 2023


Your auto accident lawyer has a great influence on your case's outcome. Here are a few tips for choosing a lawyer to give you a great case outcome.

Experience With Your Accident Type

People get into different forms of auto accidents. Examples include:

  • Accidents involving motorcycles or cyclists
  • Accidents involving pedestrians
  • Accidents involving commercial trucks
  • Accidents occurring out of state
  • Accidents involving foreign drivers
  • Accidents involving government employees

Some of these accidents are more complex and require different procedures from others.

Ideally, you should get an accident lawyer with experience in your type of accident. For example, accident claims against the government are relatively complex and follow different procedures than those against civilians. Thus, you should get a lawyer who has handled cases against the government if you have such a claim.

Trial Experience

Many accident cases settle outside the courtroom, but some proceed to trial. Trial experience is different from settlement or negotiation. For example, a trial may involve dealing with the jury, which requires the lawyer to know about jury selection. Wrong jury selection can easily derail your case.

You won't know the direction your case might take at the beginning. Get a lawyer with trial experience to cover all your bases, irrespective of your case's direction. Otherwise, you might be tempted to switch lawyers if your case fails to settle and you want to file a lawsuit.

Record of Success

Since you want your claim to succeed, you should get a lawyer with a good record of successful cases. This advice doesn't mean a lawyer should have a hundred percent win record. However, you should see a good percentage of wins, especially in cases similar to yours, in the lawyer's history.


Consider the lawyer's reputation because you want a lawyer others speak well of. For example, you can contact the State Bar Association for information on the lawyer's records. A quick internet search may also reveal information about them. Ask your friends, colleagues, and family members for information on your lawyer.


Lastly, no matter how good a lawyer is, you might not succeed with them if you do not have a good rapport with them. Use the free initial consultation many lawyers offer to determine how well you can work with them. For example, use the session to gauge:

  • How well you can communicate with the lawyer
  • Whether you are okay with the lawyer's assessment of your case
  • Whether you are okay with how the lawyer plans to handle your case.

Contact a local law firm for more information about finding the best accident attorney for your case.